Credit Rating Definitions receives ratings from the following agencies. To find out what specific ratings mean, click on the agency you are interested in.

  • Capital Intelligence ratings offer investors and risk managers timely, impartial and forward looking analysis of credit trends and counterparty credit risk.

  • Fitch credit ratings provide an opinion on the relative ability of an entity to meet financial commitments, such as interest, preferred dividends, repayment of principal, insurance claims or counterparty obligations.

  • JCR (Japanese Credit Ratings) provides rating of long and short term debts, including medium-term note programs and asset-backed securities.

  • Moody's ratings are opinions of the credit quality of individual obligations or of an issuer's general creditworthiness, without respect to individual debt obligations or other specific securities.

  • Standard & Poor's credit ratings are current opinions of the creditworthiness of obligors with respect to a specific financial obligation, a specific class of financial obligations or a specific financial program (including ratings on medium term note programs and commercial paper programs).