The Wolfsberg Group Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire (CBDDQ)

The Wolfsberg Group Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire (CBDDQ) is intended to replace the Wolfsberg Group Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire previously included in the Due Diligence Repository.

To submit your new questionnaire for inclusion in the Due Diligence Repository

  1. Download a copy of the Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire (CBDDQ) as a PDF or in Excel format.
  2. Return the completed CBDDQ to, stating the name and location of the financial institution(s) it applies to.
  3. To include other documents relating to KYC and AML policies/procedures for your institution please email to or fax +44 1342 335940.

Should you have any questions regarding the CBDDQ or any other documents you wish to submit for inclusion, please email your enquiry to

For other customer type due diligence scenarios, the Group has also issued a shorter version of the CBDDQ, the Wolfsberg Group Financial Crime Questionnaire (FCCQ). Copies of the FCCQ are available in PDF and Excel formats.

About the Wolfsberg Group
The Wolfsberg Group is an association of thirteen global banks which aims to develop frameworks and guidance for the management of financial crime risks, particularly with respect to Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter Terrorist Financing (CTF) policies.

About the Questionnaire
The Wolfsberg Group has revised its previous Anti-Money Laundering Questionnaire for Correspondent Banks. The new Wolfsberg Correspondent Banking Due Diligence Questionnaire (CBDDQ) has been comprehensively updated, refined and restructured to cover all main aspects required to conduct effective correspondent banking due diligence.

The CBDDQ goes much further than either of the previous (2004 or 2014) versions of the questionnaire, which were adopted and utilised as a ‘minimum’ question set. This new version constitutes a ‘reasonable and enhanced’ question set which is likely to be satisfactory in most situations, barring very exceptional cases.