IBAN Search

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Use the IBAN Search to identify the issuing bank of an International Bank Account Number (IBAN). The IBAN Search now has comprehensive coverage of the following countries:

  • Albania AL
  • Andorra AD
  • Austria AT
  • Azerbaijan AZ
  • Bahrain BH
  • Belarus BY
  • Belgium BE
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina BA
  • Brazil BR
  • Bulgaria BG
  • Costa Rica CR
  • Croatia HR
  • Cyprus CY
  • Czech Republic CZ
  • Denmark DK
  • Dominican Republic DO
  • El Salvador SV
  • Estonia EE
  • Faroe Islands FO
  • Finland FI
  • France, French Guyana, Guadeloupe, Martinique and Réunion FR
  • French Polynesia* PF
  • Georgia GE
  • Germany DE
  • Gibraltar GI
  • Greece GR
  • Greenland GL
  • Guatemala GT
  • Hungary HU
  • Iceland IS
  • Ireland IE
  • Israel IL
  • Italy IT
  • Jordan JO
  • Kazakhstan KZ
  • Kosovo† XK
  • Kuwait KW
  • Latvia LV
  • Lebanon LB
  • Liechtenstein LI
  • Lithuania LT
  • Luxembourg LU
  • Macedonia MK
  • Malta MT
  • Mauritania MR
  • Mauritius MU
  • Mayotte Island* YT
  • Moldova MD
  • Monaco MC
  • Montenegro ME
  • Netherlands NL
  • New Caledonia* NC
  • Norway NO
  • Pakistan PK
  • Palestinian Territory, Occupied PS
  • Poland PL
  • Portugal PT
  • Qatar QA
  • Romania RO
  • Saint Pierre Et Miquelon* PM
  • San Marino SM
  • Saudi Arabia SA
  • Serbia RS
  • Seychelles SC
  • Slovakia SK
  • Slovenia SI
  • Spain ES
  • Saint Lucia LC
  • São Tomé & Príncipe ST
  • Sweden SE
  • Switzerland CH
  • Timor-Leste TL
  • Tunisia TN
  • Turkey TR
  • Ukraine UA
  • United Arab Emirates AE
  • United Kingdom, Isle of Man, Channel Islands GB
  • Virgin Islands (British) VG
  • Wallis and Futuna Islands* WF

* These territories may be identified by FR or their specific country code.

† User-assigned country code.

Simply paste or type the IBAN into the search box and click Search.

You are also able to validate an IBAN using the search bar in the main site navigation menu and selecting IBAN.

Do NOT input the word IBAN as it is not part of the account number e.g. enter only LV36HABA0551001234567 NOT IBAN LV36HABA0551001234567.

If you need an IBAN for your own use, please contact your bank who will provide you with one.

Do not attempt to generate your own IBAN.

The IBAN Search is not designed for and must not be used for the generation of IBANs by bank customers.

If we are unable to identify the issuing bank

Sometimes you may get the message that we are unable to identify an IBAN's issuing bank. If you need to identify the IBAN's issuing bank, you may be able to do this using bank/branch identifier and searching for it using the Institution Search. The bank/branch identifier is usually a national clearing code, in some countries it is the first four letters of a SWIFT/BIC. You will be told what the identifier is when you receive the results of your search.

  • Go to the Institution Search.
  • Paste the bank/branch identifier in the relevant search field (SWIFT/BIC or clearing code).
  • Remove a couple of characters from the end of the bank/branch identifier, add an asterisk to the end of the string of characters..
  • Press search.
  • In some cases, you will get results showing you the institution/s that might have issued the IBAN.
  • If you still get no results, click "Refine Search" and remove another 1 or 2 characters.